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Harbor 2024 (Liquid Death)

Updated: Mar 20


Shot 02 - The update includes a new camera motion that swoops and appears more natural as well as a skull animation that flows more with the camera allowing it to be more visible and have more screen time.

(Week 8)

Shot 05 - Updated edge light on raspberries as well as new animation on skull in the background.

(Week 7)

Shot 05 - Updated lighting test for the can utilizing light textures to keep the fire theme going as well as new skull material with dark eye sockets and more texture.

Shot 03 - Updated light set up this time focusing on getting a better edge around the fluid/berries

To-Do list for this week

  • Slower camera motion for shot 02 / Reveal skull later in the shot

  • Improve lighting for shot 05 and shot 03 on the can and for the skull

  • Material for the skull!

(Week 6)

Shot 03 - Updated light set up to showcase the liquid and overall lighten up the scene.

Shot 02 - Updated camera move starts further back with a faster camera pan at the end. More assets scattered in the foreground.

To-Do list for this week

  • Update camera motion along side the skull placement between shot 2 and 3

  • Boost the lighting for shot 3 to better light the fluid

  • More foreground elements for shot 2, Fluid / Ice / Atmosphere

  • Work on skull material / all the materials in shot 5

(Week 5)

Shot 02 - Updated camera to make can less skinny as well as ice and berries in foreground.

Shot 03 - Updated materials for the Raspberries and Ice

"Raspberry" material WIP. I've fixed the scale of the subsurface as well as turned down the sheen map to make it less white and more juicy.

"Ice" material WIP. I have broken up the ice to give more variation

(Week 4)

"Ice" material WIP. I've pushed the displacement further to make the ice less uniformly square as well as added bubbles and more imperfections inside the ice.

"Can" material WIP. I've taken away some of the water droplets and also added more variation and size to them.

I worked on getting this new edit together including filler music and somewhat cohesive lighting and materials throughout. Each material has a long way to go but each shot is starting to look like it's a part of the same scene. We also shot some background plates to use which helped in making the shots seem familiar to one another.

To-Do list for this week

  • Make droplets bigger and include fewer of them mainly at the bottom of the can

  • More saturation for the Raspberries which can be done through the scale of the subsurface

  • Ice needs to look less plastic and include better internal cracks

  • Focus on timing and transitions between shots to make it feel more cohesive

  • Shoot a live-action plate in the woods as well as get a new HDRI

(Week 3)

This week I've started to further refine the textures and materials of the different objects.

So far I've made a Can, Raspberry, and Ice material and have rendered a work-in-progress turn table for each of them.

"Can" material WIP. Included are procedural water droplets. I am also planning to further the roughness to make it look colder.

"Raspberry" material WIP.

"Ice" material WIP. I'd like to push this further to make it more procedural and realistic.

(Week 2)

On Friday we met at my house and shot the live plate footage, the first one is for the final hero shot and the other two are for Shot 01 with the blood dripping down.

Previs for lighting and materials for Shot 2 WIP

Not much has been done with the materials so far but below is an image showing the texture maps I've made being applied to the can and ground.

We started gathering assets and scaling them in Houdini to get a proper asset lineup so my team could start working on the separate effects at the proper scale and so I could start on Materials / Lighting. The unit shown is 0.1905 meters or 7.5 inches in height and 0.0635 meters or 2.5 inches wide.

(Week 1)

This week was full of ideation, searching for references, and previz.

These are the Product References of the Liquid Death branding.

We are doing the Slaughter Berry flavor because of its fun Purple / Pink color scheme while maintaining the brand's heavy metal hardcore feel. This is an exciting contrast that we are going amplify through our advert.

Slaughter Berry

I've started looking for lighting references and making a color pallet that fits the dark moody feel of the company while still being well-lit for the product to be displayed

Lighting References

Color Palette

While searching for assets we were unable to find a good Raspberry model so I went ahead and modeled one to use for the previz as a placeholder until we can improve on the model and texture as we progress.

Raspberry WIP 01

For the previz, I did a play blast for the final hero shot which will include ice and berries falling and smashing all around the Slaughter Berry product this may also include pyro behind the can as well as a camera move to seamlessly blend the previous FX shots.

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