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Real As The Moon Landing

Updated: Feb 22

(RATML) is a short film romantic comedy Directed by Madison Schraw. I was asked to create a practical puppet prop that functions like an old school animatronic with the ability to talk and roll its eyes. Its supposed to be the personification of the moon.

Once the puppet was finished we needed to shoot it on a green. It will eventually be composited onto a whimsical sky, there will also be cleanup on the puppet such as filling the empty gaps below the lower lip as well as inside the mouth when its speaking and some other detail things.

Below it the BTS from the shoot.

The moons body was created using Paper-Mache and plaster. I mounted the lip mechanism during the modeling and painting process to make it permanently part of the puppet.

Below is the shell without thew eyeballs.

After 3d printing the eye mechanism I painted the eyeballs and finished it off with some Mod Podge to make them glossy. I used rubber bands to create tension for the eyelids.

Below is the eye test 01.

I modeled all of the moving pieces in Blender. They needed to be able to function properly in the real world once they were 3d printed. below shows the mouth and eye mechanisms with the controls used to make it work.

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