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Studio II (RPS)

Updated: 2 days ago

A kung-fu sequence that takes place on a young child's desk between a pet rock, safety scissors, and a finger painting on paper. An epic rock-paper-scissors fight sequence in the most brutal manner taking place in the most unlikely of places. Taking reference from traditional kung-fu fight scenes with long takes and fluid motions only one can remain.

Final edit with updated intro cards and credits

Final kill shot before the title and credits roll.

Class 15 - Working on the final shot. I still need to work with the audio and add the overall final comp work

The update is all shots through the main fight sequence between Rock and Scissors. The audio has not been edited it will be fixed once I have all sequences rendered.

Renders / Edit Up to Splitscreen

Shot 02 Render Test

This is a shot_02 render test for the animation. I had technical difficulties trying to get Rocky to maintain contact with the ground while efficiently animating the googly eyes. I've fixed these issues and have locked down a pipeline for the rest of the shots. I've also solidified the character's materials and the table material. I need to add the rest of the props to the scene and make sure everything has material, then I'll be ready to start rendering.

Shot 01 Render

Shot 01 render from redshift, locking in the lighting and look dev for the overall sequence.

Pre-viz Blocking for Animation and Camera

Basic environment layout

The majority of the sequence will take place on the tabletop.

Rocky test for googly eyes


Weeks 1 and 2: Asset build and set dressing.

  • Pet rock with googly eyes

  • Scissors

  • Paper

  • Lamp

  • Collect secondary props from other sources.

Week 3: Animation blocking and camera motions

Week 4: Refine animations

Week 5: Refine animations and start on FX

Week 6: Refine animations more FX and Comp

Week 7: FX and Comp

Week 8: Comp and audio

Week 9: Finalize edit and audio

Week 10: Deliver

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