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Studio I (Space Farm)

Updated: Feb 29

I've always been amazed by large machines and farm equipment such as harvesters and tractors I also enjoy sci-fi movies and TV shows. For the studio 1 project, I'll be making a "Space Farm" with a tractor and other harvesting contraptions as well as everything you need to be able to run a farm just with a Sci-Fi twist!

New tractor turn table with updated materials.

Updated tire materials from Substance Painter including more dirt and rust variation.

Class 15 updated turn table

Tractor Material WIP - I've finally managed to UV the tractor and bring it into Substance Painter. I am making it very weathered because I want it to have a more rustic feel while maintaining the SciFi weirdness.

Brain Material WIP - I've moved over into Redshift to start procedurally shading the brain. this is the base material eventually it will have a glowing aspect to it for when it is turned on.

Midterm animatic with new camera motions and harvesting sequence

New Animatic with more clear shots of the brain tractor towing the harvester behind. It starts with the tractor cranking up and the brain turning on then cuts to the fruit that it's harvesting

( This shot will hold for longer)

Show a berry that is waiting to be harvested, then a close-up of the harvester at work.

Progressively pull back revealing more and more berries and brain tractors at work using tilt-shift to make it feel miniature. The final shot will include an extremely wide shot of multiple planets full of tiny red dots.

Harvester Model WIP 01

Ive got the main portions of the harvester modeled it's designed to plow and suck up one berry at a time it has an opening at the top for the silo to make connection and off load the berries. I still need to add a chain mount to connect to the tractor so the harvester can be pulled behind.

Tractor Model WIP 04

I added a new front grill and headlights as well as conection tubes to the brain from rhe tractor behind is the new harvester model.

WIP for the plant that the tractor is going to be harvesting. I've been working on this raspberry for a while and thought that it would be cool if it had a glowing core to make it feel more alien. I also thought instead of growing from a bush it should grow out of the ground much like a pineapple does.

This is the animatic I made to lay out the shot sequence for the Space Farm project. This will eventually include the tractor pulling a harvester as it collects the fruit before offloading it at the silos. At the end, an advert for donating your brain to farming will appear on the screen.

Tractor Model WIP 03

WIP: I have most of the tractor modeled with stand-in textures. In the next step, I will add the smaller hood details and do the UVs before I start texturing. I also have a stand-in brain as the driver I'm still playing around with different ideas on how to approach the cabin's interior but I'm happy with the direction it's going.

Tractor Model WIP 02

WIP: I've started to add more details to the "Space Tractor" changing up the wheels to give it a more classic look. Also, I've added an Exhaust Pipe some Jets, and more engine details.

Tractor Model WIP 01

WIP: I'm using Blender to model the tractor. So far I have the basic shapes of the body laid out.

Sketch #2

Ideation: This is the second sketch, depicting the tractor pulling a large crystal/boulder. I want to depict the tractor doing various tasks such as this so I can use Houdini to make the dragging effects and other FXs involved with the scenes.

Sketch #1

Ideation: This is the first sketch of the "Space Tractor" It will eventually have mechanical arms and a trailer on the back for harvesting.

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